Google Play Direct Billing

Now charge all your Google Play purchases using your stc account.

Now shop for Apps, Games and eBooks on Google Play™ and pay for all your Google Play™ purchases using your Postpaid bill or Prepaid credit. It is simple, safe and secure.

Go ahead; enjoy the ease and security of downloading your favourite apps, games and eBooks using your stc account.

For more details please read the FAQ here.

For the service Terms & Conditions click here.


How to enable Direct Billing through Accounts*

Step 1: Open Google Play™ Store App

Step 2: Go to "My Account" under "Menu"

Step 3: Use "Payment Method" select "Use stc Billing"


How to buy an App once Direct Billing is enabled

Step 1: Select the application you need from Google Play™ Store

Step 2: Choose stc Billing from the payment options, then choose BUY

Step 3: Enter the Google account password

Step 4: Accept the Confirm notification for your purchase

Step 5: Receive an Order Receipt via email from Google Play™ with purchase details

Step 6: Receive confirmation SMS with the purchase details

*Note: To use the service, activate the Google Account added to your Android device. Google, Android, Google Play™ and the Google Play™ logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

Subject to 5% value added tax