Win big with the stc business Rewards program, a one-of-a-kind program that rewards your stc business spends with KFH Libshara cash prizes totalling US$ 5000 every month.

 To be eligible, all you have to do is subscribe into stc business mobile, broadband and ICT services. Every BD 50 spent with stc business qualifies and entitles you to one entry into the Libshara Draw that offer 10 monthly prizes of US$ 500 each.

 How does this work?

  •  Spend a minimum of BD50 on stc business services (mobile, broadband and ICT services) to be entitled to one entry into the monthly draws.
  •  Each month, Libshara would award 10 winners with US$ 500.

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 Entry draw example:

  •  Company (A) is a stc business customer, that is subscribed to 3 mobile packages under the same CR with a monthly rental of BD 9.

            BD 9 X 3 = BD 27

  •  Company (A) is not eligible in this case to enter the draw, due to total subscription being lower than BD 50. 
  •  Company (B) is a stc business customer, that is subscribed to 3 mobile packages BD 9 and 2 broadband packages BD 20 under the same CR.

            BD 9 X 3 = BD 27

            BD 20 X 2= 40

  •  Company (B) total monthly subscriptions are equal to BD67, so they are eligible to 1 entry draw
  •  Company (C) is a stc business customer, that is subscribed to 5 broadband packages, with BD 20 under the same CR.

           BD 2 0 X 5 =BD 100

  •  Company (C) is eligible for two entries to the draw.


  1.  Do I have to have a KFH Bahrain bank account?

             To be eligible to enter the monthly Libshara draw for stc business, you do not require a KFH Bahrain bank account.

      2. Am I required to submit any additional documents to KFH or stc to enter the monthly draw?

             No additional documents are required to be submitted to be eligible to enter the draw.

      3. Do I need to settle my stc bills to be eligible to enter the draw?

            Yes, all stc business bills are required to be settled to be eligible to enter the draw.

     4. Are there any additional fees that I will be charged to enter the draw?

            No additional fees will be charged for being part of the Libshara programme for stc business.

     5. Can I encash the prize?

            No. Prizes are only to be settled against stc business bills or against the purchase of devices.

     6.What are the dates of the monthly draw?

           Click here for the monthly draw calendar

     7.Am I automatically enrolled in Libshara as a stc business customer?

           To join Libshara, you are required to opt-in by clicking here

 Terms & Conditions:

  •  The program is available to small, medium and large businesses in the private sector.
  • Every BD 50 spent on stc Business services (mobile, broadband and ICT service) per month entitles customers to one entry per draw.
  • Customers will enter the draw after minimum 30 days from their Account opening with stc.
  • Customers who have a default payment history with stc will not enter the draw.  
  • Customers cannot cash the points accumulated in their stc Libshara account – They will be able to settle their bills or purchase devices from stc.