eSIM Terms & Conditions:

  • This eSIM QR Code is for activating your eSIM profile and should be kept confidential. Please ensure you do not share it with others physically or as a picture before activating it on your device. stc is not responsible nor liable for any such warranted or unwarranted disclosure on your part.
  • The QR code and voucher can only be used one time on a single device. The QR code and voucher cannot be re-used by the same user or any other user again on the same device or on any other device.
  • If you delete your eSIM profile information from your device and wish to re-activate it, you will need to obtain a new eSIM QR code voucher from stc. So, please ensure you do not delete your profile unless you have a new QR code that you wish to activate on the same or a different phone again.
  • If you wish to switch eSIM compatible devices, you must obtain a new QR Code in order to activate your eSIM on the new device. In this case, to switch to a new device you need the new QR code and you will also need to delete your eSIM profile from the existing device before registering your eSIM profile on the new device by using the new QR code.
  • If you lose your device or the device is stolen and the eSIM profile is loaded on it, please ensure to contact stc immediately to deactivate your SIM and delete your profile as otherwise anyone who has the ability to access your phone will be able to use your SIM. stc will not be responsible or liable for any such use. You will be able to reactivate your SIM on the same or a new device only after obtaining a new QR code from stc in this case.
  • If you have multiple eSIM profiles loaded on the same device and you want to switch between different profiles, you can do so freely and in this case, you will not require a new QR code. If you have an inactive profile, you do not require a QR code for reactivation on the same device. In the case, that you’ve deleted your profile from your device, you will require a new QR code.