There's nothing like face to face

stc Video Call bridges the distance. You can make video calls from your mobile and sense your loved ones by your side. You can also conduct business meetings with colleagues across the world as if they are sitting with you.

What's in it for you?

- Share your experiences and show your friends where you are and what you are up to, just point the camera and use your hands-free kit to provide a voiceover

- Enjoy face-to-face conversations with friends and family even if you are miles apart

- No pre-setting required

- Available to all stc customers

How can you make a stc Video Call?

The person you are calling and yourself both need to have mobile phones with video calling functionality (i.e.: 3G phones). Check your mobile phone manual to find out if your phone offers this functionality.

Follow the steps below to make a video call:

- Select the contact you want to call

- Press the "Video Call" button or choose "Options" then select "Video Call"

The price per minute of a video call for stc Prepaid is 50 fils.
The price per minute of a video call for stc Postpaid/Smartplans is 40 fils.