4G LTE MPLS VPN allows efficient and secured data communication between two or multiple ends over stc national network. This is delivered to the end customers through data SIM bundles with different speed using both 3G and 4G LTE networks.

4G LTE MPLS VPN Service Description:

  • It allows customers to benefit from the flexibility and high quality of IP and the security of a private network.

  • This Wireless VPN and the existing MPLS VPN will jointly offer “End to End” solution where customers can interconnect all their national Point of Presence (PoP) easily and securely via stc MPLS Core.

  • It offers networking solutions, including voice, video conferencing, real-time applications and other services.

  • The service will provide business customers with a private APN (Access point Name) and static IP with data access.

How to subscribe?

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4G MPLS VPN service can be utilized for many types of applications such as Point-Of-Sale terminals, fleet management, CCTV, and the most useful application is to act as a backup solution for the main MPLS connectivity.

Secured traffic; where customer traffic is not going through the public Internet Network and hence will not be open to any external attacks like spammers or virus-based activities.

Unlimited threshold. stc offers unlimited usage with the 4G MPLS VPN service regardless of the speed.