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The Reference Interconnect Offer (RIO), which has been prepared in accordance with Decree No. 48 of 2002 promulgating the Telecom Law, forms the basis of commercial interconnection agreement between stc Bahrain and other Licensees in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Subject to Bahrain Telecommunications Law and without prejudice to any existing interconnection agreements, stc Bahrain reserves the right to amend this RIO every six months or otherwise as agreed with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

Reference Interconnection Offer

1stc RIO Structure
2Supply Terms
3Annex A – Definitions
4Annex B – Schedule 1: Voice Call Termination
5Annex B – Schedule 2: SMS Termination
6Annex B – Schedule 3: MMS Termination
7Annex B – Schedule 4: Interconnection Link Service
8Annex C – Price List
9Annex D – Billing Processes and Procedures
10Annex E – Management of Interconnection
11Annex F – Operations and Maintenance
12Annex G – Quality of Service
13Annex H – Technical Information
14Annex I – Fault Management