Endpoint detection & response

We know it's vital that your business stays secure, and we're proud to keep you protected.

Our Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a step forward in endpoint protection. With its machine learning algorithms designed to spot, yet unknown types of malware, keeps your business safe from suspicious activity by securing end-user devices connected to the network, such as PCs, laptops and mobile devices. Opt for our managed EDR service for an extra layer of security with advanced threat protection capabilities. You can count on us to look after your Endpoints and servers.

We're always by your side, providing you with proactive protection through scanning real-time system files and registries, and sharing threat intelligence to speed up response time. Take control of your activity on the go with our user-friendly, real-time dashboard.

What’s more, necessary updates run without impacting system performance, so you can continue to innovate and push boundaries with no distractions.

Service benefits:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Alerts, reporting, and a unified overview of your environment
  • Advanced response capabilities and automation
  • Automatically Uncovers Stealthy Attackers
  • Real-time visibility and monitoring
  • Behavioural Protection & Prevention
  • Insight and Intelligence
  • Threat Database
  • Cloud-based Solution



What is endpoint detection and response service?

Our Managed EDR service adds an extra layer of security for overall network protection by monitoring a range of factors to make sure you can keep pushing boundaries without interruption. With EDR you can monitor behaviour, web filtering, application firewall and Host Quarantine Enforcement.

The difference between EDR and Antivirus?

A traditional antivirus solution covers the protection of your endpoints. But with evolution of cyber threats like malware into more advanced and pervasive forms, antivirus is no longer enough, and that prevention and detection mechanisms needed to keep up with the ever-evolving threat-scape.

EDR solutions have several unique features and benefits which conventional antivirus do not deliver.

Compared to the novel EDR systems, traditional antivirus solutions are simpler in nature and should be seen as an important component of EDR.

Normally, Antivirus tools accomplish basic tasks such as scanning, detection, malware remover.

On the other hand, EDR is superior to the traditional Antivirus (which uses signature-based threat detection methods). EDR tools are much broader in scope and should include multiple security layers such as attack blocking, patching, exploit blocking, firewall, whitelisting/blacklisting, full category-based blocking, admin rights management, and a next-gen Antivirus.

EDR security solutions are therefore more suitable for today’s businesses as the traditional Antivirus has become an archaic security tool in terms of guaranteeing complete security.