Global MPLS based IP-VPN service interconnects enterprises global points of presence easily and securely via stc’s GMPLS network

Global MPLS Service Description

  • To address the surging need of MPLS VPN connectivity from Bahrain to the rest of the world, stc Business delivers a secure, high performance GMPLS based IP-VPN network to gain full advantage of flexibility.
  • Customers can interconnect all their global points of presence easily and securely via stc’s GMPLS Core that is interconnected with stc’s global partners. To view stc Bahrain’s global points of presence and expansive network, please click here to access our interactive connectivity map. You can also view stc’s network here.
  • Equipped with the latest networks and technology, GMPLS based IP-VPN solutions from stc Business allow customers to share mission critical data, voice and video across a secure, scalable platform with high levels of security.
  • Our GMPLS based IP-VPN solutions have a rich set of features that include multiple classes of service, scalable bandwidth, network topology options and the right choice of interfaces.
  • GMPLS based IP-VPN offers an ideal solution for organizations seeking a flexible, cost-effective solution that will scale as business grows.

Unique Features

  • stc’s GMPLS service is a managed reliable end-to-end service which saves customers both time and money.
  • The service combines security with the benefits of IP – scalability, flexibility, improved economics and Class of Service (CoS).
  • This allows the end customers to optimize costs and performance while allowing higher priority traffic (e.g. VoIP or business critical applications) to be carried without performance degradation.
  • With advanced MPLS features, our Global MPLS VPN solutions provide secure network connectivity, without the need for private infrastructure.

How to subscribe?

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