stc Cyber Security

Digital transformation has proven to be the biggest enterprise growth engine in recent years. Business efficiency depends on interconnected systems, mobile workforce, automated processes – all through information technology.

The new ways presented new challenges. The dependency on web and application-based systems are prone to cyber security vulnerabilities, had they not been configured and managed properly. This being the case business owners, CISO, CIO, IT and Network Managers that are looking to build and transform their businesses adopting to the digital era, now are taking a closer look at their security posture.

The common challenge they face are: the solutions are complicated and building your own 24/7 cyber security department takes time, money and people. You end up focusing on supporting roles of your business that takes the focus off the business objectives. Then again, a single data breach can severely damage the value of your business financially and in reputation.

stc Managed Cyber Security Service is a cost effective and efficient solution to all businesses regardless of size and vertical.

Choosing stc Managed Cyber Security Service gives your business access to the 24/7, in-country Security Operations Center as well as highly skilled local security engineers that are trained to monitor, detect and manage complex security systems and devices to ensure the highest protection from any malicious activities on companies’ online presence and data.

Cyber defense is becoming complex and time consuming, stc brings a full range of cyber security managed services to cover all your cyber security assessment, monitoring and protection.



Cyber Security Monitoring & Reporting


Using world-class threat detection intelligence, stc's cyber security monitoring & reporting service is a cost-effective way to protect your business.


Our service keeps your organisation safe by identifying and reporting evolving cybersecurity threats to prevent your business from falling prey to cyber-attack. It is easy and cost-effective to get visibility and keep 24/7 surveillance of your organisation's key assets and data with our stc cyber security monitoring and reporting service.


Our end-to-end managed services monitor logs from your IT environment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This ensures that any potential threats or breaches are caught by our security operation center and immediately communicated to you.


We provide real-time alerts and notifications on security incidents that qualify as threats. When incidents are identified, our skilled soc team will provide you with clear guidance on the type of incident and how best to contain, manage and fix it.


With a stc cyber security monitoring and reporting service, you'll also receive scheduled security incident reports. As a result, you'll have the opportunity to continuously improve your organisation's cybersecurity posture and be better prepared against any cyber threat.


Service benefits:

  • 24/7 Operational SOC
  • Minimize False Positives
  • Updated use cases
  • Continuous adoption to the latest threats with World-class threat intelligence
  • Real-time security alerts and notifications
  • 24/7 customer support




Why do I need end-to-end managed cyber security services?

Security is key and a managed cyber security service provides a high degree of assurance that sensitive and confidential information is safe. It aims to ensure that a monitored environment is not breached, and any threats and compromised systems are immediately identified.

How can a stc managed cyber security service deliver advanced business security and protection?

Cyber-attacks are constantly evolving. So, alongside 24/7 monitoring and support, we also provide you with a monthly security posture report.

This identifies any vulnerabilities and highlights findings that will help you constantly improve your company's cybersecurity and responses.