Security assessment review

Elevate your IT security to industry standards, with reliable risk assessment

stc cyber security assessment services gives you in-depth insights into your cyber security risks so that you can build an effective defence.

stc experts will ensure a high class of security measures implemented in your IT & network infrastructure. Our team of cyber security experts and consultants at stc use a systematic approach to analyse your information systems' key risk areas, and work with you to identify and document controls.

Service benefits:

  • Our experienced team use a methodical approach, and work with you to identify and document controls
  • Trust in our industry standards compliance and pre-certification audit services, carried out by our experts




What does Security Assessment Review usually involve?

You need to identify any weaknesses in the design of your security architecture before they can cause issues. To help, we analyse the security policy, documentation, design and configuration and provide a risk assessment tailored to your business objectives and policies, comparing your security architecture against industry best practices and possible attack vectors. We then recommend improvements, reengineering or changes to make sure your security is flawless, preventing risks and minimising future costs

What are the outcomes of a Security Design and Configuration Assessment?

Your design, configuration and architecture may be flawless, but we may provide information on if your design will prevent the desired security functionality or lead to security breaches. We can help ensure user data is stored following best practices, check roles and permissions, authentication and software and framework choices. We might provide actionable advice for improving security in the future or make recommendations about compliance and accreditation.