Security Devices

Keeping your business technology safe can feel like a full-time occupation, which is where stc can help.


Improper configuration, user error, default parameters, unpatched devices are most commonly reported reasons of cyber-attacks.


In a changing cybersecurity landscape, the default doesn't always cut it, which is why stc adjusts security device configurations and policies to fit your business requirements. You can also customise your service with optional enhanced cyber security monitoring.


Take advantage of our range of security devices for businesses, alongside our comprehensive management service from provision and set-up to monitoring performance and ensuring full compliance of security devices.


stc device monitoring offers to identify and resolve device health check and performance parameters, ensuring continued operation of critical security devices.


stc device management for business doesn't stop there – we're always tracking performance, availability and upgrades, to protect your business against evolving cyber-threats, and improving the security posture of your business long-term.


Service benefits:

  • 24/7 dedicated customer support for business security devices
  • stc designs, procures and configures devices to customise for your business requirements
  • Expert response to threats and device performance issues with defined SLAs



What does stc's security device service include?

With 24/7 support, stc takes care of all aspects of your security devices, including provision, set-up, performance and health monitoring, management and upgrades. We adjust and update security device configurations to suit your business needs and ensure they remain fully compliant, responding to device health issues and threats as they appear.


Why is it important for my business to keep IT security updated?

New issues and challenges are constantly emerging, and it can be hard for businesses to keep up. That's why stc offers security devices management and cyber security monitoring for business. Keeping your security devices updated goes a long way to ensuring your business is secure against cybersecurity threats.