SOC as a Service

For truly outstanding cybersecurity, you need both the right security monitoring tools and the expertise to manage them efficiently.


The stc SOC as a Service offers dedicated security management and monitoring services to businesses that have invested in security monitoring and management tools, but face challenges in utilising the technology to provide the desired results due to lack of coverage and expertise.


stc SOC takes control of the management of your cybersecurity monitoring tools to maintain visibility of your IT environment around the clock. The service provides you with real-time incident alerts, as well as regular reports on the overall security status of your business. This provides optimum performance, with skilled, trained and experienced stc SOC agents.


Designed to take care of any threats and vulnerabilities, stc SOC as a Service provides exceptional security monitoring. It gives you the opportunity to focus on your business with total confidence.


Service benefits:

  • Expert management of customer security monitoring tools
  • 24/7 security monitoring service
  • Real-time incident alerts and regular reports on cybersecurity




How does stc's SOC as a service work?

SOC as a service is designed for businesses that already have security monitoring tools. Our service provides a dedicated management and monitoring service, providing you with incident alerts, expert guidance on threats and regular security status reports. Featuring automated alerts, threat intelligence integration and 24/7 securing monitoring, SOC as a service allows our team of stc analysts to take care of your security. All you'll need to do is focus on your business.