stc DataCenter

stc DataCenter offer a comprehensive ICT portfolio that will keep your sensitive data safe and highly secured. Our DataCenter is built to Tier-3 standards that will enable businesses to better store, manage, and recover data.


stc DataCenter is managed by a highly specialised team of dedicated professionals, all of whom consider complete customer satisfaction to be one of their core priorities. Additionally, we believe that our strengths lies in our ability to provide a one-stop technological solution to our customers, whatever their area of expertise.


DataCenter Benefits

State-of-the-Art: Our ultra-modern data center is built to Tier-3 standards to ensure high levels of availability and high-quality operations.


Dedicated Team: Our team of dedicated professionals manage the data center 24/7, thus removing the need for you to recruit IT employees with specialist data centers’ management skills and allowing existing IT staff to focus on more important goals.


High Connectivity Capacity: Our data center has as much Internet and MPLS bandwidth as your business may need to keep your operations up to speed.


High Levels of Security: We provide 24/7 physical security, recorded CCTV monitoring, and biometric login at all access points to safeguard your data.


Expert Power Management: We provide managed power with in-built resilience and high-density configurations to allow extra equipment to be added without outage.


Ensure maximum uptime – with fire safety: stc’s fire safety solutions are precisely tailored to your data centers’ requirements and comply with the highest safety standards and regulations. The solutions offer you maximum safety against all risks of fire and ensure uptime and availability of service.


Cooling: Efficient and effective cooling infrastructure that dynamically adjusts airflow and is robust enough for most complex high-power density deployments.


Collocation Services

  • A cost-effective and highly secure solution to your data housing needs.
  • Improve operational efficiencies and lower infrastructure costs.


Through our Collocation Services, your company can privately host its equipment within our secure, state-of-the-art data center facility. We operate a data center in Bahrain, which gives you the chance to access your data with ease setup for your requirements, retain full control over your hardware, while leaving the supporting infrastructure to the experts – us.


Choose from our Collocation Service Packages:


Plan Name*

Rack Height

Rack Dimension

Collocation 1/4 Rack


800 x 1,200 mm

Collocation 1/2 Rack


800 x 1,200 mm

Collocation Full Rack


800 x 1,200 mm


600 x 1,200 mm


*Incudes rack, resilient power supplies, air conditioning, fire suppression, & secure environment to host the IT equipment of organizations.



Business Continuity Management (BCM) Services

To satisfy all critical business requirements, our Business Continuity Management (BCM) service provides a remote backup shared-seat for customer’s employees in order to avail business recovery capabilities.



We are just a call away

Call us today to know how your business can benefit from our customised and personalised solutions for all your data center requirements.




Why should I consider collocation in stc DataCenter?

With a dedicated professional team, managing the data center on 24x7 basis, you do not need to recruit IT employees with specialist data center’s management skills. Thus allowing your existing IT staff to focus on their main goals.  Also collocation services are provided at a cost that is very cheap compared to building your own infrastructure. Collocation space is also flexible as it can be increased or decreased based-on your needs.


During the pre-ordering stage, can I visit stc DataCenter?

Yes, we are proud of our data center and happy to give you a tour. Your account manager will simply arrange your visit to stc DataCenter.


How reliable is the power supply in the rack?

The power supply to your equipment is not at risk as each rack is equipped with dual PDUs (Power Distribution Units) individually powered.


How is the security guaranteed in stc DataCenter?

The facility is designed with a number of security features to provide equipment with maximum protection at all times. These features include restricted access policy, key code racks, logging record, CCTV monitoring, and 24x7 physical security.


Are there any restrictions on the equipment installed in my rented rack?

No specific restrictions, however all equipment should comply with Kingdom of Bahrain's applicable laws and regulations.


How can my company purchase stc DataCenter services?

You can email us on or call us at 34128128, and your account manager will be in touch with you shortly.