stc Voice Select Service

Save up to 50% on your international calls from your existing business fixed line

stc Voice Select service makes perfect business sense with up to 50% off on all international calls. It’s the ideal tool for companies to get closer to business opportunities around the world.

Some of the many benefits of stc Voice Select include:

• Simple and easy service activation: Ability to activate the service within few days of signing the application form.

• No change to your business continuity: You will continue to use your existing business fixed line and number (service works over existing fixed lines including analogue, ISDN or PABX)

• No Monthly Fee for the service: You will only be charged for the international calls made

• No minimum contract duration: You will not have a contract commitment for the service

• Flat rates: Calls will be charged at a flat rate (No Peak /Off-peak rates) round the clock

• Easy to understand billing: You will receive a separate bill for all your international calls

How it works?

No change to your business continuity; simply dial the number as usual and the call will be charged as per stc Business Voice Select rates.

Your Company will receive two bills. One bill from stc for all international calls and existing bill from your current operator for all other local call charges and monthly rentals.

No, the customers keep their existing fixed line and number/s. 

All International calls are supported directly by stc. All other calls (e.g. local, special number, and short code calls) will be routed through the Batelco network.

No, there are no activation charges or monthly fees for business Voice Select service.

You can e-mail us on or call us at 34128128, and your account manager will be in touch with you shortly.

Between 12 – 14 working days from receiving your service order form. Your service will not be interrupted during the provisioning process.

No, your existing technical setup and hardware will remain the same without any change.