Web Application Firewall

Using the internet is an essential part of modern business, so it's important your internet presence is secure.


Protect your Websites, Applications & Servers from online threats with stc's Cloud Web Application Firewall, which gives your public facing infrastructure a thriving environment.


With our Cloud WAF platform, stc offers managed and unmanaged web protection solutions to keep your website secure 24/7, allowing secure and authorised traffic while protecting you from malicious users and content, as well as unauthorised sessions.


Service benefits:

  • Managed services secure websites and web applications
  • Automatically scans your website for OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities
  • Continuous vulnerability detection
  • Advanced Layer-7 Firewall protects sites against malicious content and users
  • In-country team of cyber security experts and consultants offering customized solutions and service offerings to meet customer requirements and environment
  • Comply with PCI DSS requirement and ensure cardholder’s safety on the website
  • In line deployment to your website traffic, enabling it to inspect the traffic and allow only legitimate traffic to your site
  • Portal provides clear view of vulnerabilities that is protected, that can be protected, and which needs fix in code, allowing business owner to prioritize critical bugs for development
  • Zero Downtime with Complete Cloud Deployment



What is a web application firewall?

A web application firewall allows you to detect suspicious traffic before it causes any damage, with advanced detection and prevention systems operating on a network level. Ensuring all your internet traffic is going through our Cloud WAF takes care of any blind spots, meaning there's no need to deploy multiple appliances. Our web app firewall service is fully scalable, depending on your bandwidth demands, so it's possible to inspect any traffic mix whether encrypted or unencrypted.

How secure is your website?

Our Cloud WAF blocks malicious applications, hacking and unprotected web contact, so you can stay safely connected.