Business Broadband

Business Broadband


It's a revolutionary next generation technology that improves your efficiency and let's you work seamlessly with an ultra-fast low latency connection.


With our latest broadband plans, you enjoy:


  • Latest router for free
  • No installation fees
  • Terabytes of data
  • Free unlimited usage when accessing government websites such as LMRA (, e-government ( and Smart Card (
  • Selection of the latest smart devices


stc business broadband plans


Plan                                                                              Monthly Fee                                                              Monthly Data Allowance*


stc business Broadband 15

BD 15


stc business Broadband 20

BD 20


stc business Broadband 25

BD 25


stc business Broadband 30

BD 30


stc business Broadband 50

BD 50


* Fair usage policy apply. Terms & conditions apply.


To experience 5G you need:

  • 5G router will remain under the ownership of stc
  • Prices are subject to 5%


 For more information, contact your assigned Account Manager, call our Business Customer Care at 34128128 or email us on