Auto Pay Service

  1. What is the “stc Auto Pay" service?

    Auto Pay gives you easy access to manage your monthly bill payments automatically through your registered credit card. You will never miss a bill payment and benefit from no more queues.

    With stc Auto Pay, you can:

    1. Set up automatic monthly bill payments

      Your total billed amount is automatically charged to your credit card each month. Once set up, you will never have to worry about missing a bill payment. In case if you make a manual payment through any other channel (full/partial payment), the bill amount will adjusted accordingly.

    2. Manage multiple stc accounts

      You have the option to pay bills for multiple accounts registered under your CPR through stc Auto Pay.

  2. Who can use stc Auto Pay service?

    For Consumer Customers: Any Postpaid customer can register for Auto Pay services through the stc Self Care Portal without any additional cost.

  3. How do I register for stc Auto Pay service?

    It’s easy to register for Austc to Pay service.

    Once you make a bill payment on the stc Self Care Portal, you will have the option of registering the credit card you use (MasterCard, VISA or Amex) to the stc Auto Pay Service.

    You will then be able to manage all your “Auto Pay” via the My Payments section of the stc Self Care Portal. Here, you will be able to opt in any Postpaid number under your CPR to the service.

  4. Will my credit card details be stored safely?

    Your card details and sensitive information is always safe and secure with us. stc uses a 3D secure payment gateway to process card transactions. Once you register your card details on Auto Pay your card details are safe and secure with us.

    stc complies with highest security standard.

  5. How many credit cards can I store at the same time?

    You can register with multiple credit cards giving you the freedom and ease to manage auto payments for your stc Postpaid accounts with more flexibility. However, only one mobile number can be registered against one credit card at any point of time.

  6. When is the money charged on my credit card?

    Your card account registered with stc Auto Pay service will be debited on the 3rd of every month. The failed transactions will be processed during the month on 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th & 29th.

  7. How much money can be deducted from my credit card per account?

    Once you set up Auto Pay through stc Self Care portal, the entire billed amount will be charged to your credit card account every month. There is no ceiling or restrictions related to the amount that can be charged per stc Postpaid account. The maximum value of a transaction that can be processed through the CCSI Service is BD 1,000 and the minimum value is BD 1 (One). If there is a transaction more than BD 1,000 (e.g. BD 1500), system will process only BD 1,000 through standing instructions and you should pay rest of the amount (BD 500) through other channels.

  8. What happens if I exceed my credit limit before end of month?

    If you exceed your credit limit on your stc Postpaid account and wish to make a payment towards your unbilled usage, you can do it through stc Self Care Portal by selecting the “Quick Pay” option.

  9. What happens if I have insufficient funds in my credit card?

    If you have insufficient funds in your credit card account and want to make a payment, you can:

    • Update/edit/modify your existing card details with a valid credit card through Auto Pay option in stc Self Care Portal
    • Utilize any of our payment channels to make a payment. For more details, click here:
  10. What happens if my credit card expires?

    Once registered with stc Auto Pay, you can enjoy complete peace of mind, as we will notify you about your credit card expiry one month in advance through your registered email and mobile number.

  11. How do I delete/ cancel a registered credit card?

    Follow these simple steps to delete/cancel your registered credit card:

    • Please log on to your account through stc Self Care Portal
    • Go to Auto Pay and click on ‘Modify / Edit Card Details’
    • Click on Submit and you are done

    On successful deletion of a credit card, you will receive an email confirmation on your registered email.