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The fastest way to get a new eSIM

Get your eSIM in under a minute with My stc BH app. No delivery, no fingerprint activation—just quick and secure AI based face recognition 😉


Why get an eSIM with stc?

Quick & convenient

Quick & convenient

Select a plan, pass identity verification, then instantly install and activate your eSIM.

Do it anytime 24/7

Do it anytime 24/7

Get your eSIM at your convenience. No need to arrange for a store visit or schedule a delivery.

secure identity check

Secure identity check

We use a quick and secure AI based face recognition to complete all needed verifications.

Buy from anywhere, activate later

Buy from anywhere, activate later

Get your eSIM wherever you are, activate it as soon as you enter Bahrain.

Free Cinema tickets

Free cinema tickets, special offers & deals

Enjoy wide exclusive rewards & benefits when using My stc BH app in City Centre, The Avenues malls, and many other places

How to get an eSIM in just few steps?


Step 1

Download my stc BH App from App Store or Google Play to access our online shop



Select any postpaid or prepaid plan



Tap on “Instant eSIM” option to proceed


Step 4

Pass face recognition to complete your order


Step 5

Tap on install eSIM to start the installation

How to install and activate an eSIM

Install eSIM directly or download and scan a QR code to your device

How to install and activate an eSIM using QR code

Get the QR code from My stc BH app

How to access purchased eSIMs

You will be able to access your eSIMs QR codes from Order Tracking screen, and My Orders or Settings if you are registered and logged-in on My stc BH app.

Switch between lines

Manage and control all the lines you have activated on your device.

Troubleshooting guide for eSIM

A detailed guide on eSIM troubleshooting specifically for direct installation or QR code-related issues.

Toggle the airplane mode on and off. This quick troubleshooting step often helps restore proper functionality.

Installing and activating your eSIM can be done from anywhere. However, voice and data services from stc will be enabled automatically only once you are in Bahrain.

You can access all purchased eSIMs from My stc BH app. Download it and follow these steps to get your QR code.

You can track your eSIM orders using My stc BH app. Download it and follow these steps to track your orders.

Order numbers are sent to you by email with the order receipt. In-case you lost the receipt, contact our customer support to assist you by calling 124 or chatting on My stc BH app.

There might be different reasons:

  • Identity document is expired, a valid document is required.
  • Facial recognition did not match the provided identity document.
  • Using a rooted device, unrooted device is mandatory.
  • Using VPNs, which is not allowed during the process.

There might be different reasons:

  • Trying to add an eSIM that has been added before. If you are trying to transfer your eSIM to a new device, you must first deactivate it from the old device.
  • Reaching the maximum number of allowed eSIMs on your device. To add a new one, you must remove another one first.
  • Partial scanning of QR code due to poor connection. You can try again with better connection.