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Favorite Country

What is ‘favorite country’ add-on?

‘Favorite country’ gives you great savings if you call one country from Bahrain frequently.
You can save up to 90% on calls to the country of your choice for just 550fils per month.
The list of countries includes KSA, Lebanon, Egypt, UK, US, Canada, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Philippines.
You can add one or more countries to your list.

How can I activate 'favorite country' add-on?

You can activate ‘favorite country’ add-on using the channels below.

SMS: Send SMS to a short code to subscribe and add selected country

- To activate India, SMS ON91 to 88824

- To activate Bangladesh, SMS ON880 to 88824

- To activate Philippines, SMS ON63 to 88824

- To activate Pakistan, SMS ON92 to 88824

- To activate Lebanon, SMS ON961 to 88824

- To activate Egypt, SMS ON20 to 88824

- To activate UK, SMS ON44 to 88824

- To activate US & Canada, SMS ON1 to 88824


- To activate India, dial *88824*91#

- To activate Bangladesh, dial *88824*880#

- To activate Philippines, dial *88824*63#

- To activate Pakistan, dial *88824*92#

- To activate Lebanon, dial *88824*961#

- To activate Egypt, dial *88824*20#

- To activate UK, dial *88824*44#

- To activate USA/Canada dial *88824*1#

Dial 124 or visit any stc Store

How much will I be charged?

Postpaid/Smartplans*stc Prepaid
550fils / month per country550fils / month per country

How much will I be charged for my calls after activating ‘favorite country’ add-on?

Favorite CountryPostpaid/Smartplans*Prepaid
India16 fils/minute25 fils/minute
Bangladesh20 fils/minute25 fils/minute
Philippines56 fils/minute53 fils/minute
Pakistan54 fils/minute40 fils/minute
KSA (Zain & Mobily)96 fils/minute96 fils/minute
KSA stc50 fils/minute96 fils/minute
Lebanon65 fils/minute65 fils/minute
Egypt41 fils/minute41 fils/minute
UK65 fils/minute65 fils/minute
US & Canada30 fils/minute30 fils/minute

For stc Postpaid/Smartplans customer, monthly charges will be added to your monthly bill.
For stc Prepaid customer, the charge will be deducted automatically from your balance every 30 days, from the day of subscription.

*Subject to 10% value added tax


How can to deactivate 'favorite country' add-on?

You can deactivate ‘favorite country’ add-on using the same options.


SMS: Send SMS to a short code to unsubscribe and add selected country

- To deactivate India, SMS OFF91 to 88824

- To deactivate Bangladesh, SMS OFF880 to 88824

- To deactivate Philippines, SMS OFF63 to 88824

- To deactivate Pakistan, SMS OFF92 to 88824

- To deactivate Lebanon, SMS OFF961 to 88824

- To deactivate Egypt, SMS OFF20 to 88824

- To deactivate UK, SMS OFF44 to 88824

- To deactivate US & Canada, SMS OFF1 to 88824

- To deactivate India, dial #88824*91#
- To deactivate Bangladesh, dial #88824*880#
- To deactivate Philippines, dial #88824*63#
- To deactivate Pakistan, dial #88824*92#
- To deactivate Lebanon, dial #88824*961#
- To deactivate Egypt, dial #88824*20#
- To deactivate UK, dial #88824*44#
- To deactivate US & Canada, dial #88824*1#

• Dial 124 or visit any stc Store 

Please Note:

• You cannot substitute a selected country by another. You have to cancel the original selected country and add the new desired destination, among the available 5.

• Favorite Country add-on is ONLY available for customers who joined after November 2010.

• During any international promotion that effects your subscription, the lowest possible rate will be applied.

• In case you’ve also subscribed to Family & Friends service, lowest rate will be applied if selected international friends belong to the country selected.

For more information call 124 or visit any stc Store.