stc Family and Friends provides you with a discount on calls to a specified list of family members and friends.

stc Postpaid/Smartplans customers can subscribe to stc Family and Friends for 1.5 BD per month and get 25% discount on calls to 5 numbers of their choice. stc Postpaid/Smartplans customers can choose up to 3 off-net numbers (Batelco, Zain or Fixed line) and 2 International numbers.

stc Prepaid customers are subscribed to stc Family and Friends by default and get 10% discount on calls to 5 numbers of their choice. stc Prepaid customers can choose up to 1 off-net numbers (Batelco, Zain or Fixed line), 2 International numbers and 2 on-net number (stc).

With stc Credit Transfer, any stc Prepaid customer can transfer credit to another stc Prepaid line by SMS.

How to Use the Service

To transfer credit from your line to another stc line, you can use one of the following methods:

  • Enter a USSD command: *121*amount* receiver_number#
  • Send a SMS to 81121 with the following content: T <amount><receiver_number>
  • Access SIM ToolKit menu and follow the instructions for credit transfer

Service Rules

This service is subject to multiple rules:

  • The credit value to be transferred from mobile to mobile should be integer value, such as 1,2, 3 ..59,100 BD
  • The minimum allowed value per transaction is 1 BD.
  • The maximum allowed value per transaction is 400 BD.
  • The maximum allowed transfer per day is 400 transfers.
  • The total credit value of the receiver is limited to 400 BD.
  • The transferred credit is not refundable to the sender if a mistake is made or the wrong number is entered.
  • Customers can transfer to a customer abroad / However; to receive credit, the recipient must be using a roaming partner's network.
  • Service cost: 55 fils (Inclusive of 10% VAT) per transfer.