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Messages with a personal touch

For all the times you cannot answer your calls whether at a meeting, don't have your phone or simply trying to screen calls, just activate your stc Unified Messaging service and relax! Your caller can leave you a message.

What's in it for you?

• Fully personalized mailbox that will answer your calls whenever you are not reachable.

• Record messages up to 30 seconds long.

• Mailbox can store a maximum number of 10 messages of 30 seconds each.

• A clutter free inbox: The messages (new and saved) in inbox are deleted after 10 days.

• The messages in trash folder (new and saved) are deleted after 3 days.

• The service is available while roaming.

• Free and available to all stc customers upon request.

How can you use stc Unified Messaging?

To use this service, all you have to do is divert your calls to 81187 or 0097333124187, and stc Unified Messaging will be automatically utilized in case:

• You are busy

• You do not reply

You are in an area with no network coverage

• Your mobile is switched off

To retrieve your messages, dial 81186 or 0097333124186 and follow the instructions.

To personalize your mailbox settings dial 81185 or 0097333124185 and follow the instructions.

Note: When the mailbox is full, the system sends a message "Full Mailbox" notification to the mailbox owner. Until the old messages are deleted, callers will not be able to deposit new voice/video messages.