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Advance Credit Service

Auto Advance Credit

With Auto Advance Credit, receive BD 1 credit automatically when your balance reaches 50 fils or lower and get the missing amount to complete your addon activation and renewal.

To activate Auto Advance Credit *81200*7#

To request one-time credit *81200*2#.


How to use Advance Credit service?

Advance Credit service is available through different channels whereby you can operate and experience the service:

• 81200 IVR: By dialing 81200

• USSD: By dialing *81200#

• stc App: By login to your stc App account.

• stc self-care portal: By login to your stc self-care portal account.

SMS Service

Send the keyword listed below to 81200.

SUBS : to activate auto advance credit

1, OK, YES, y   :Accept advance credit offer

2:Request advance credit

3:Get outstanding balance

4:Get service history

5:Stop receiving offers from this service

UNSUBS:To de-activate Auto Advance Credit