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Islamic Bundle

Receive Islamic services directly on your mobile.

How can I activate this service?

SMS ON to 98786. This activation is free.

How much will I be charged?

You will only be charged 750 fils per week

Can I use the service from any handset?

The service contains only SMS & MMS messages. All you need is a handset that supports SMS and MMS.

For more information visit any stc store.

What services will I receive when I subscribe?


Khetmet Al Quran Al Kareem

Holy Quran Verse



Prayer Time

On this Ramadan day

Secrets of fasting (new)


MMS content representing parts of the holy Quran

Quran verse of part of Soora

Messages containing Ahadeeth

Special Duaa

Receive prayer timings every day

Events that have taken place on this day in the past

Ramadan secrets of fasting