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Mobile Number Portability

Everyone’s welcome to the best network in Bahrain.

Whether your current number is prepaid or postpaid/Smartplans, you are free to choose a prepaid or postpaid/Smartplans service with stc

Now you can keep your existing number and switch to stc. Whether your current number is prepaid or postpaid/Smartplans, you are free to choose a prepaid or postpaid/Smartplans service with 

Switching to stc is easy: 

1. Visit us: Bring your current SIM card and your ID or passport to any stc store.

2. ID: The ID document should be the one you used to register with your current operator.

3. Activation:

  · If you are allowed to port your number, then your new stc SIM card will be activated within 3 working days from the time of application. In some cases it may become active in just a few hours.

  · If your request is rejected, we will contact you to solve the issues, so that we can make a new attempt to port your number to stc.

Important notes:

1.Your number: Your number must be registered in your name and the ID document presented must match the records of your current provider (CPR, passport number)

2. Bills & credit:

· Postpaid/Smartplans: If your current subscription is postpaid/Smartplans, then you must not owe any overdue amounts to your current operator. (If you still haven’t paid the latest bill and it’s not yet due, then you can still port).

  After you port your number to stc, you may still have one or two bills from your previous operator. You must pay these bills in time to avoid termination of your account with stc

· Prepaid: If your current subscription is prepaid, please note that any balance left on your current subscription will be lost, therefore we encourage you to use your credit before porting.

3. Mobile Phones: Please bear in mind that your current mobile phone may be locked to only work with SIM cards from your current provider. In that case, you may need to either unlock your phone, or get a new phone.

Port-in fees:

One small fee for a range of benefits. 

1. Port-in fees:

  · Postpaid/Smartplans: The fee is BD 4.400, to be paid with the first bill.

  · Prepaid: The fee is BD 4.400 for porting and BD 3.300 for the SIM card. If you wish to port in as a prepaid customer, BD (4.400+3.300) need to be paid at the stc store.

2. Your current provider is not allowed to charge you anything for the service of porting out your number.

3. You can still port your number, even if you are bound by a contract with your current service provider. However, if your contract stipulates any fees for early contract termination or any other issues, then you will have to pay these fees after you have ported your number to us.

General Porting Rules:

1.    Prepaid subscribers porting out cannot carry over any credit balance to another network.

2.    A ported number cannot be transferred to another customer account under the new network operator.

3.    Once a ported number is terminated, the number goes back to the operator that owns the number range.

For more information about porting your number, please visit TRA’s Number Portability website:, visit any stc store or call 124.