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stc Missed Call Notification Plus

Never miss an important call again!

stc Missed Call Notification Plus is a service that ensures you always get information about who wanted to get in touch with you while your phone was switched off, outside coverage, the line was busy or you had previously transferred all your calls to another number.

What's in it for you?

• Receive a notification along with the frequency (number of times a specific number tried calling you)

• Service is available while roaming

How can you subscribe to / unsubscribe from stc Missed Call Notification Plus?

To subscribe and unsubscribe use one of the following options:

• Call 124 and follow the instructions

• To subscribe: Send *180#

• To unsubscribe: Send #180#

Postpaid customers are charged BD 0.400 / Month for one calendar month

stc Missed Call Notification Plus can be managed from your mobile by using one of the following codes:

• Enable Unreachable: *62*180# and press Send
• Check Unreachable status: *#62#
• Disable Unreachable: #62#
• Enable Busy: *67*180#
• Check Busy Status: *#67#
• Disable Busy: #67#
• Enable Unconditional (all calls): *21*180#
• Check Unconditional Status: *#21#
• Disable Unconditional (all calls): #21#