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Confirm your ID (CPR/Passport/CR) and keep your prepaid line active.

Confirm your ID (CPR/Passport/CR) and keep your prepaid line active.

As per the TRA (Telecommunication Regulatory Authority) all prepaid line owners must confirm their ID (CPR/Passport/CR) used at the time of line registration and on an annual basis (every 12 months). Failure to do so, will result in your service being interrupted.

You can confirm your ID information from the ease of your home by following the below instructions;

• Dial *81114# and follow steps

• Log in to My stc BH App

• Send your ID (CPR/passport/CR) number used at time of registration to 81114


Click here to watch this short video on how to revalidate your line


Frequently Asked Questions:

• What is SIM revalidation?

SIM revalidation is the term coined by the TRA mandating that each customer confirm their ID details on an annual basis with their Telecom Operator.

• Who does it Apply to?

All Prepaid lines Consumer and business alike

•  How often must I confirm my ID with stc?

This is an annual exercise, which means that you will need to confirm your ID details used at the time of buying your prepaid line.

• How will I come to know that I should confirm my ID?

You will receive a notice from stc day after your one-year registration anniversary the message will contain all necessary details such as the deadline for confirming your ID and the last four digits of the ID used during registration.

• How long do I have to confirm my ID?

 Two months from the provided notice  

• What will happen if I fail to confirm my ID within the 2 months period (notice)

If you fail to confirm your ID by the communicated deadline your line would be suspended, and you will not be able to make outgoing calls or receive incoming calls.

• Which ID should I use?

The regulation requires that you share your ID used at the time of registering your prepaid line with stc

• stc will notify via SMS and in the message we will provide you with the last 4 digits of the ID used during your initial registration and that needs to be provided to us for confirmation.

• How do I confirm my ID with stc?

Dial *81114# and follow the instructions 

SMS your ID to 81114

Login to stc BH app and follow the instructions.

Talk to a Customer Care Representatives from the comfort of your home with stc Retail Video service. Simply log into your My stc BH App and select "Visit our stores" from the main menu and then choose "Book a visit" and Our retail representatives will happily assist you through video call

 Visit your nearest dealer 

• What should I do if my ID has expired?

 If your ID expires, you can update your ID details by visiting any of our retail shops.

• What if my line is registered under another person’s details?

You would need to visit one of our retail shops with the old-line owner and request a transfer of the ownership from the previous owner to you. 

• What happens if my line is terminated as a result of non-compliance?

If your line is terminated as a result of not confirming your ID, you can still visit an stc retail shop to place a request to retrieve your line.