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What is 4G+?

4G+ (or LTE Advanced) is a technical upgrade to the existing LTE platform of stc’s network.
4G+ (or LTE Advanced) is the new term for the superfast 4G network combining all of the network spectrums to offer advanced LTE coverage and capacity.


What are the benefits of 4G+?

You will experience mega speeds with faster voice, video, messaging and data services when using stc’s network across the whole of Bahrain.


What are the speeds that 4G+ offers?

4G+ boost speeds up to 225 Mbps on stc 4G network, enabling faster browsing and streaming of online content at a higher speed and quality.


What is the area of coverage for 4G+?

stc offers nation-wide coverage of 4G+.


Do I have to register to experience 4G+?

stc subscribers will be able to automatically experience this upgraded network coverage on their LTE-enabled devices including AppleSamsung and Huawei smartphones. For now, 4G+ is available to all stc subscribers for free. This promotion is available for a limited period of time. Terms & Conditions Apply.

For home broadband devices such as routers and Mifi, customers require the latest models that support 4G+.


If my device does not support 4G+, what shall I do?

stc offers great deals for handsets supporting 4G+, click here to know the details.


How do I know if my mobile is connected to 4G+?

Android handsets supporting 4G+ will display ‘4G+’. Apple devices supporting 4G+ will continue displaying ‘LTE’.