A picture says a thousand words

Whether you're stuck at home or having the time of your life, some moments just need to be shared. With stc MMS, you can take a photo, add text or sound or video, and send it from your mobile phone.

You will need a compatible mobile phone to send and receive picture messages.

You can now share memorable pictures and video clips with your friends and loved ones, regardless of where they are. You can also send video messages, voice messages, as well as video files and text messages. Every moment counts.

MMS Price

• MMS with content size between (1KB -100KB) cost 50 fils

• MMS with content size between (100KB and 400KB ) cost 75 fils

Service Activation

In case you don't receive your settings upon activation, you can request them through the channels listed below:

• SMS Command

  1. Send an SMS to 81120 with the following content: MMS (for example: "MMS nokia E90")

• Customer Care/Shops

  1. Call stc Contact Center on 124 and request the settings from the agent
  2. Visit any stc shop and ask for the settings

You will receive an SMS notification with the MMS settings of your handset that you need to save.