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Have you ever wanted to get in touch with someone urgently and found that you have no credit on your phone? stc Collect Call enables you to request from the party you are calling to pay for the call. All stc Postpaid and stc Prepaid customers can make or receive collect calls from their stc line.

What's in it for you?

• Stay connected even without any credit on your phone
• Make and receive unlimited collect calls
• Free and automatically available to all stc customers

How can you make a collect call?

To make a Collect Call, simply dial *183* followed by the stc number you want to call then followed by #. Example: *183*33xxxxxx#

The called party will be able to see the mobile number on their mobile screen.

Once the call is accepted, the called party will have the choice of accepting, rejecting or not replying to the call:

• If the called party wishes to take the call, they press the star (*) key and the call will be transferred
• If the called party wishes to reject the call, they press the hash (#) key and the call will not be transferred. The calling party should receive an SMS notifying them that call was rejected
• If the called party does not reply after 30 seconds of ringing, the call will be interrupted then a message will appear  "The other party cannot take a collect call at the moment"