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What if you have to organize an event or discuss business with more than one person? You can have it organized with one call by just having stc Conference Call service that stc has designed for you.

stc Conference Call allows you to speak with up to six people at the same time using your mobile phone, making it ideal for organizing events or discussing business when they're out of the office.

Service Charges

stc Conference Call is free of charge. Each call will be charged as it is a regular call.

Service Activation

stc Conference Call is activated by default for all stc customers. Service Features As described, stc Conference Call allows the customer to talk with up to six people at the same time from his mobile phone.

The customer can control stc Conference Call from his mobile by:

• Adding people to the call when he wants

• Starting a conference call at any point during a normal call

• Allowing others to dial in to the conference call

• Having separate private conversations with selected callers during the conference call

• Conferences can be held with callers on fixed lines and other mobile networks