Unlimited SMS

What is 'unlimited SMS' add-on?

The ‘unlimited SMS’ add-on is a great choice for those who prefer sending SMS than calling. 

It gives you the benefit of sending unlimited SMS to any stc number, at anytime.

This add-on is available to any stc Postpaid/Smartplans or stc Prepaid customer.

How can I activate 'unlimited SMS' add-on?

You can activate ‘unlimited SMS’ add-on using the channels below.

• SMS ‘ON” to 88821

• Dial *88821# send

• Dial 124 or visit any stc Store

How can to deactivate 'unlimited SMS' add-on?

You can deactivate unlimited SMS add-on using the same options.

• SMS ‘OFF” to 88821

• Dial #88821# send

• Dial 124 or visit any stc Store

How much will I be charged?

stc Postpaid/Smartplans*

stc Prepaid

BD2 / month

500fils / week

For stc Postpaid/Smartplans customer, the charges will be added to your monthly bill.
For stc Prepaid customer, the charge will be deducted automatically from your balance every week.

*Subject to 10% value added tax

Useful Tips:

• If you are using the Friends and Family feature; when activating ‘unlimited SMS’ add-on, your Friends and Family (on-net SMS) discounts will be overwritten by ‘Unlimited SMS’ feature.

• Fair usage policy of free 300 SMS per day apply.

For more information call 124 or visit any stc Store.