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The roaming service allows you to use your mobile when travelling to a foreign country. You can make and receive mobile phone calls, write text messages (SMS), or surf the internet and download content.A foreign network provides your calls, SMS, and other data services because your home operator does not typically operate in that country. For providing this service, the foreign network operator charges your home operator and your home operator passes this additional cost on to you.  
Its simple ! Start by adding 00 or + sign followed by the country code and then the number you wish to call. Here's an example how , if you wish to call Bahrain either dial 00973XXXXXXX or +973XXXXX
When you reach your destination country, switch on your mobile phone, and it should automatically select an operator.If you cannot find an operator, please check the configuration in your mobile phone under network settings. Your phone may be set-up to select the network manually. Switch it to automatic network selection mode, and it should find a roaming network for you.                                                                                                                                          
stc protect travel insurance gives you financial protection in case something goes wrong while you are away. It is essential whether you are going on holiday, a business trip or traveling for any other reason.Travel insurance covers you if you fall seriously ill or are injured, if your holiday is canceled or cut short, or if you are a victim of crime while you are away.
Send “UBLK” to 81871.Note that Pay As You Go data access while roaming is blocked to avoid high charges.Alternatively, you can activate a roaming add-on. To check available coverage at your destinations and activate roaming add-on, please dial *124# and follow the steps or download my stc BH App.