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Trade in and Save

Your old phone could be worth something
Don’t throw it away. Trade in your eligible mobile phone for a new phone

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How do I trade-up?

Check your contract

Confirm you are in the last 12 months of your current device payment plan.  Not sure? You can check your contract status in My Account before proceeding.

Backup your device

Check your phone is in good working order, and then back-up your phone before you go trade-in.

Reformat your device

Take your phone into your nearest stc Branch, and speak to our friendly staff. Once they confirm your eligibility, you must wipe your phone data and restore it to factory settings before handing it in. From there, simply pay a one-off fee and choose a brand new phone on an eligible new device payment plan.

Find out what your phone is worth

Trading in your device is easier than ever.

Identify your device

First, pick the brand and model or simply type in the IME code

Coudn’t Find Your Device: {br}Make sure your IMEI Code is correct

There is more than one option for your IMEI, please choose from the dropdown list below

Friendly Tip from our Customer Care

Tip: There are two ways to find the IMEI Code:
1. Dial *#06#, Then type the IMEI in the below field
2. Go to Device Settings > About > Find the IMEI

Grade Your Device

Awesome! Now, how's your device doing?

Contact Details

Last thing, we need your contact details to send your voucher

Kindly note that this is an estimated price. Visit your nearest stc store for a final assessment on your device. You will receive an email with detailed instructions.

Device Summary

Here you go! Happy trading!



Estimated Device Value

Take it further. Keep it or trade it.

Our Trade-in Programme Terms

Before bringing your device to us, ensure it meets our terms below.

One device only

One (1) device per transaction

Device reset

Erase all content to factory settings

Good working condition

Battery and in good working device

Factory reset

Guaranteed cheaper than others

Got more questions?

We accept a wide range of recent phones including iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, and others. We also accept a wide range of tablets, laptops and wearables.
No, Trade in is applicable when purchasing a very wide range of new devices from stc. However the amount can be used against your upfront/ advance payment or bills
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