Apple Carrier Billing FAQ

What is Direct Carrier Billing?

Direct carrier billing (or DCB) is a mobile payment option that lets you download and purchase digital content like apps, games, eBooks, etc. from Apple Stores and charge it to your Prepaid balance or to your Postpaid bill.


What is Apple Carrier Billing?

Apple Carrier Billing is a new payment method for Apple digital stores that allow customers to pay for their App Store, iTunes Store, and Apple Books purchases and their Apple Music membership through their mobile phone billing.


How to set up stc account as Payment on Apple stores?

You can do this on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac, or on iTunes from your PC.

1. Go to the App Store

Scroll down to your Apple ID and tap on it.

2. Tap on 'View Apple ID'

Enter your Apple ID password.

3. Scan your fingerprint

If you have Touch ID activated.

4. Tap on payment information

5. Choose 'Mobile phone' as a payment type

You have the option to choose your stc number on the device or a different stc mobile number.

You should receive an SMS and email confirming this payment method. When that’s done, you’re all set!


What can I purchase with mobile phone billing enabled?

If you enable mobile phone billing, you can buy anything on the iTunes Store, App Store and iBooks Store as you normally would, including iPhone and iPad applications and games, music, television shows, electronic books.


What happens after I enable carrier billing?

When you verify your phone number for Apple Carrier Billing and get a confirmation message that the new payment method is now active, any app or media purchases made on the iTunes Store, App Store and iBooks Store, along with Apple Music subscriptions, will be charged from your prepaid amount or added directly to your phone bill.


Can mobile phone billing be used for In-App Purchases?

Yes, virtual items and subscriptions bought through the In-App Purchase mechanism will be charged to your mobile phone number.


Can I subscribe to Apple Music with mobile phone billing?

Yes, you can pay for your Apple Music membership through mobile phone billing.


Can I set up Family Sharing with mobile phone billing?

Yes. Family Sharing requires that the family organizer has set up their Apple ID with mobile phone billing.

Keep in mind that only the family organizer can update the payment information for others.

Creating an account for a child under 13 in Family Sharing requires using mobile phone billing account.


Who do I contact if I have a question about something that I purchased using Apple Carrier Billing?

Please contact AppleCare if you have any questions regarding your purchased items, all details sent via email as Order Receipt after each purchase.

In case of a billing discrepancy, you can contact stc customer care call center (124).


I have set up carrier billing for my Apple ID. Does this mean that all my other Apple devices that are logged in to the same Apple ID will charge purchases to my bill?

Yes, carrier billing will be set as the default payment mode if you are using the same Apple ID on different Apple devices. Do note that for verification purposes, a One-time-password will be sent to you before any purchase is made.


I have multiple Apple devices logged in to the same Apple ID. Can I selectively disable iTunes carrier billing for specific devices?

No, you will not be able to selectively disable iTunes carrier billing for specific Apple devices as payment information is tagged to the Apple ID.


What happens if I change my mobile number? Will I need to set up iTunes carrier billing again?

Yes, you will need to set up iTunes carrier billing again.


How do I view my purchase history to investigate my charges?

For support on Apps and Services purchased on Apple iTunes, please logon to


I have been wrongly charged for a purchase. How do I go about requesting for refund?

For all cancellation and refund requests, please contact Apple through


What are the terms and conditions for using iTunes carrier billing?

For Terms and Conditions, please visit


I have made a purchase on the App Store. Where can I see it in my bill?

The charges will be listed in the Total Other Charges section as iTunes MM4XQJMNDF (iTunes <Order ID>)


Is the service available for Prepaid and Postpaid?

Yes, all Postpaid Voice Consumer, Prepaid Voice consumer, Postpaid Broadband Consumer are the only customer eligible to use the service, business/corporate/enterprise customers are not able to use the service. Eligible customers can perform these payments if they have sufficient balance/credit.


Is it possible to use Apple Carrier Billing purchase to download apps via Wi-Fi?

Yes, it is possible to do that.


Will I be notified after making a purchase?

Yes, you'll receive email from Apple as order receipt with the full purchase details including your iTunes order ID.


Can anyone use my mobile number for payment?

No, customer needs to enter his Apple ID account password to verify each transaction unless he disable this feature.


Is there a cap or limit in my Apple Carrier Billing purchases?

Yes, there is 200 BD monthly cap per month or your monthly credit limit.


What if I have maxed out my limit in my Apple Carrier Billing purchases? How can I purchase apps again?

You can pay using the other payment options like credit or debit cards.


What details I will receive on the Receipt Order Purchase Email Confirmation?

For every transaction on Apple stores, Apple will issue Receipt Order details:

  • Order Date
  • Content Name
  • Total price (in USD)
  • Payment method used (stc)


When will Prepaid users be charged if they choose Apple Carrier Billing as payment option?

Prepaid users will be charged immediately for the purchases of Apple Carrier Billing using service ID


When will Postpaid users be charged if they choose Apple Carrier Billing as payment option?

Postpaid users will be charged through Postpaid bill. The transaction will reflect on the next bill.


How will the charges reflect on the Postpaid bill?

You'll see your transaction charges for your purchases under the name of “iTunes <Order ID>" on your bill.


Can I get all details of the purchases I made on Apple Carrier Billing?

Yes! You can check your email for purchase notifications or confirmations from Apple. These notifications are sent to you real-time after your purchase.


Do I need mobile internet to purchase apps or in-apps?

Yes, you need to have mobile internet to purchase apps or in-apps. Data can be either Mobile Data Service provided by your mobile operator, or any Wi-Fi connection.


How about Wi-Fi? Can I use a local Wi-Fi in a foreign country to purchase apps and in-apps?

Yes, you can use a local Wi-Fi to purchase apps or in-apps in a foreign country.


Do I need to register before purchasing an app on the App Store, iTunes, etc.?

Yes, you need to set up your stc Carrier Billing first to start purchasing apps on Apple Stores.