stc Voice SMS

Make people listen to your voice

Some things just have to be said! stc Voice SMS is a fun, convenient and effective way to send a recorded Voice SMS to family, friends and colleagues. Now move away from the traditional typed SMS and send your own voice messages out.

What's in it for you?

  • Recipient is directly notified through a text message of any new Voice SMS
  • No specific settings required on your mobile
  • Each Voice SMS saved has a validity of 10 days after which it will be deleted
  • stc Voice SMS is available while roaming
  • stc Voice SMS is available and applicable to all stc customers only

How do you use stc Voice SMS?

To send a voice message:

  • Dial *3 followed by a stc mobile number. Example: *333123456 ( 30 fils/Deposited Message )
  • Record your voice message and end the call

To check your saved Voice SMS while roaming, dial 0097333124501 and follow the instructions. The price of a voice SMS is the same as a regular SMS.

To retrieve a voice message:

A message notification will be sent with the instructions on how to retrieve the voice message:

  • Dial *0* to retrieve new messages ( free )
  • Dial *1* to retrieve old messages ( 35 fils/Min )