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Lightning-speed internet, seamless connectivity, near-instant file sharing. The world's latest tech revolution is here.

think 5G, think stc

Bahrain’s leader in speed

With the fastest and finest 5G experience nationwide, stc's connection can't be beat. Here's what makes it so special.

Maximum speed, even at high capacity

stc's 5G network offers our fastest speeds and widest coverage — perfect for when everyone’s online, streaming, and gaming.

10x faster than LTE

Our 5G connection ensures coverage even in those notoriously low-signal areas and crowded places, making dead zones a thing of the past.

Lower latency

Low latency helps your real-time apps run more smoothly, so you can stream without buffering and game without interruptions.

Can't get enough 5G?

Faster and more reliable, 5G opens up new possibilities for where and how you stay connected.

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How to go 5G

How to go 5G

To upgrade to 5G at home you'll need a 5G Access Add-on and a 5G-enabled home device.

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Many ways to enjoy stc's network

Many ways to enjoy stc's network